Cheffe Louise Moreau | menu
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Menus adapted for all diets and budgets

Sample Menu – Breakfast


(this is a sample menu, it can be adapted in a simpler way or to different diets)

Around Eggs

  • Scrambled eggs, english sausages, grilled mushrooms & leeks
  • Poached eggs on toast, avocado, tomato salad, herbs & nuts
  • Sunny side up eggs, sweet potato hash brown, bacon
  • Mushrooms and herbs omelette
  • Tomato, confits oignons and cheese omelette
  • Tortilla

Other Savoury Dish

  • Carottes salad with fennel oranges, pine nuts & herbs
  • Blood pudding with mash potatoes & confits oignons
  • Cured ham, cream cheese & cucumber on toast
  • Mushroom & oignons broth with leeks, pach choi, soy, nuts & herbs


  • Almond milk porridge with mandarine segment, hazelnuts & chocolate nipps
  • Rice milk porridge with kiwi, pomegranate & pecan nuts
  • Pancakes with caramelised & fresh apple & bresil nuts
  • Pancakes with roasted mirabelle plums, vanilla whipped cream
  • Pain perdu with almonds praliné & roasted banana
  • Grec yogurt with honey, blueberries, raspberries & toasted oat
  • Grec yogurt with confits & fresh cherries, syrup & toasted almonds
  • Mixed citrus salad with banana bread

Other sample menu